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olivia wimmer

the protester, 2013

for young people radical critiques and protests against the system were mostly confined to popculture fantasy. but with the arab spring massive and effective street protest became the defining trope of our times. and the protester became a maker of history again.
2013 shortly after the gezi events took place in istanbul local communities got united. the communities are an organic network of residents coming together in public fora and events discussing the local social problems, seeking solutions, implementing projects by community team work and local resources and reclaiming public space – the protest is still alive.
continuing the spirit of gezi, 100 male and 100 female portraits were taken in the yeldegirmeni solidarity community (kadiköy).
the number of the portraits to be taken was decided on the turkish word yüz meaning face and hundred at the same time. through a digital merging process an average male/female protestor face was created. giving the gezi protest a common human face, these portraits were spread in the public space in istanbul.

säulen 1 und 2 /pillars 1 and 2:
the protester von/by olivia wimmer
säule 3 /pillar 3: text/text
produktion /production:
couscous & cookies, verein für elastische poesie
in kooperation mit /in cooperation with masc/39 dada




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