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Anti-war Intervention in Kiew 22.02.2022

Kiew, Ukraine

Bioism condemns any violence against humans, animals and plants.
The suffering and war must be stopped! There are no justified conflicts, all of them are criminal, causing violence and pain to all kinds of biological beings. Any kind of human ideology is violent per se: as for instance bloodthirsty motherland requires endless human sacrifices. Pacifism shall be extended to the peace and eudaimonia movement for all beings of this planet. As an European artist of ukrainian-russian origin, I stood naked and unprotected as an animals and plants are in the silent protest against any kind of ideological madness.

Stope insanity, seek for kindness!

Bioisms seek and find new homes in special schools and asylums of Ukraine.

Brought through mine fields, interrogations and the hundreds of check-points they give a light of hope to the teachers and pupils, to those who sick and tired, who waits for the end of homeschooling and air alarms, who waits for the end of bombings, senseless violence and cruelty, who waits for the end of disgraceful war.

14 Ukrainian child care as well as neurological and nurcing institutions welcomed fragile translucent biofuturistic forms as a signs of future (hope), peace, kindness and liberation from suffering.




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